“We are cradlers of secrets. Every day patients grace us with their secrets, often never before shared. Receiving such secrets is a privilege given to very few”

Irvin. D. Yalom

I help people rediscover who they truly are.

Hello, my name is Kazia and I am a hypnotherapist based in Forest Row, East Sussex. I see clients at the Anderida Practice in Forest Row. I also work online across the UK and internationally. I specialise in analytical hypnotherapy, which is the use of hypnosis in psychodynamic therapy. This approach supports people to gradually outgrow any difficulties they are facing, using their own inner resources. As human beings we are engaged in self-discovery from the moment we are born. Life has obstacles, some big, some small and these do a very good job of getting in the way of true personal growth. I am here to support my clients in embracing their own journey, to remove any obstructive forces and to get firmly back on a clear path to health and happiness.

Hypnotherapy in East Sussex

A person-centred approach

I support the wellbeing of the whole person. I value each person’s unique differences, abilities, needs, preferences, beliefs, interests, ethnicity, and cultural background. I also feel that therapy should empower individuals to make informed choices that are right for them.

I believe that we all have within us the ability to make positive change, and to reach our potential, even when life is at its most difficult. Setting off on a therapeutic journey creates a stronger sense of self and the increased confidence to embrace true personal growth. Mind, body, and spirit are nurtured, improving emotional wellbeing, and bringing lasting change.

If you would like to, take a moment now to imagine how your journey may look. Take your time. Close your eyes and visualise a life unlocked and full of potential. Notice how you are feeling. In this very moment you are preparing yourself to support your own constructive healing forces on a voyage of self-rediscovery, understanding and growth.