Analytical Hypnotherapy for Chronic Pain

“Our bodies and minds have evolved in exquisite harmony, so perfectly integrated that it is impossible to consider one without the other” Jo Marchant

Research into the channels of communication that exist between mind and body shows that the relaxation response achieves the opposite physiological effect as the stress response. When people are experiencing daily chronic pain the stress and anxiety associated with it can exacerbate the pain, resulting in feelings of hopelessness and isolation. Often people have tried most things, including high doses of medication.

Hypnotherapy offers a different route for people wanting to reclaim their lives and get back to enjoying everyday activities. The deep levels of relaxation experienced during hypnosis can help link the brain and body’s nodal-point areas which contain the neurotransmitters, hormones, and peptides, all responsible for pain, stress, and inflammatory responses. Hypnotherapy aims to get these distinct regions working together in harmony again. It also explores the affecting root cause of the physical pain, allowing the unconscious to release old, unresolved emotions.

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