The client permits themselves freely to be the changing, fluid process that they are. They move toward a friendly openness to what is going on within, learning to listen sensitively”

Carl Rogers


How many sessions will I need?

The path that leads to therapy will be different for every person. The uniqueness of these individual journeys will be reflected in every course of therapy. Some clients need just a small handful of sessions, others may benefit from longer-term support.

Will I lose control during a hypnotherapy session?

As you relax deeply, you drift into a daydreamy state of hypnosis which is a mental activity mostly of the imagination. You always remain in control just as you would during meditation, concentrated thinking or when your mind simply wanders off.

Can I have my sessions online?

Yes, absolutely. I have been successfully working online with clients across the UK and overseas for many years. All you need is a quiet, calm space where you can talk safely and freely. I will run through the practicalities with you prior to your first session.