“In myths and fairytales, as in dreams, the psyche tells its own story”

Carl Jung

What to expect

Preparing for therapy

Hypnotherapy can sometimes feel as though it is shrouded in mystery, with the therapist as magical healer. My aim is to make the healing process and the use of hypnotherapy as transparent and accessible as possible. I will carefully prepare you for therapy by informing you about hypnosis and psychodynamic therapy – its basic assumptions, rationale and what you can do personally to maximise your own progress and make long-lasting positive change.

We will meet for your first session which is an initial consultation that typically lasts 90 minutes. During this session I will cover all the important aspects of therapy, including confidentiality, the need for full disclosure, the importance of dreams, journal-taking, and your own commitment to therapy. I will explain how hypnotherapy and the subconscious works and together we will identify what belief systems and thought processes you have in place, and what your goals in therapy are.

I will be sure to check in with you to see whether you have any questions, or whether I need to explain anything in further detail.

After this chat, I will introduce hypnosis and guide you into a deep state of relaxation. We will focus on closing your eyes if you want to, the breath and the wonderful sensation of feeling completely relaxed. You mind may wander, or it may pay attention to every word I say. There is no right or wrong way to experience hypnotherapy.

The beauty of analytical hypnotherapy is that it is creative and imaginative. You will be guided towards your inner world of self-knowledge, healing and change.