“It is your birthright as a human being to be healthy, happy, and whole”

Dharma Singh Khalsa

About hypnotherapy

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a spontaneous and natural occurrence that is frequently experienced in everyday living. Examples of this unconscious mental activity include meditation, deep thinking, daydreaming, fantasising, and self-hypnosis. The number of activities our unconscious mind carries out for us is both astounding and humbling. Hypnosis quietens the analytical, conscious part of the brain, relaxing it to such a degree that conscious thoughts enter a daydream state. When our unconscious mind has our undivided attention, it is more open and receptive to communication.

What is hypnotherapy?

As a hypnotherapist I support my clients in accessing new and creative ways of using the mind. Hypnotherapy is a practical and natural technique which effectively and quickly prepares the unconscious for therapy. It enriches therapy and allows the mind to self-calm and self-nurture, using inner resources to let go of unhelpful, limiting beliefs. The powerful connection between the mind and body cannot be underestimated here. Hypnotherapy embraces the unconscious, acting as a nurturing companion on an individual’s journey towards self-discovery. Relaxation can be a key factor in healing, restoring the proper balance between the rational and emotional brains. This helps people feel in charge of their responses and how they deal with life. Each therapy session strengthens the motivation to continue until the goal of well-being is reached.