Analytical Hypnotherapy for Overwhelm

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” Lao Tzu

Feelings of overwhelm are a common occurrence in our fast-paced world, where the stresses of everyday life can quickly begin to build up. Normal stress responses within the nervous system can become unbalanced, leading to feelings of isolation, aggression, anxiety, depression and hopelessness. The first step is to recognise what overwhelm looks and feels like. A few signs that a person may be experiencing overwhelm are:

  • Seeing an increase in stomach aches, headaches, and body pains
  • Crying or shouting more frequently
  • Little things are more bothersome than usual
  • Motivation has decreased significantly
  • Increased sleep disturbances
  • Patience has decreased
  • Increase in or onset of anxiety and/or panic attacks
  • The sensory system is easily overwhelmed - sounds, scents, tactile feelings feel overwhelming
  • increase in general emotional distress

Hypnotherapy can help people cope with feelings of overload, breaking down the stresses and anxiety into manageable and understandable parts. It can help locate the root cause of the overwhelming feelings, so any unresolved emotions are acknowledged and released safely and gently.

Please do contact me if life is feeling overwhelming so we can talk about how I can help.