Analytical Hypnotherapy for Suicidal Thoughts

“I become a companion to my clients, accompanying him in the frightening search for himself, which he now feels free to undertake” Carl R. Rogers

Most people feel hesitant to talk about suicide or may even be deeply uncomfortable or anxious at the thought. Those who are experiencing suicidal thoughts may also keep quiet out of fear of burdening their loved ones. Widespread discomfort around the subject of suicide often stems from cultural norms and taking one's own life is taboo in many cultures and religions and is even considered shameful by some.

I provide a safe, compassionate space where my clients can talk openly about suicidal thoughts and tendencies. It is deeply emotionally painful to consider suicide, or to fear that a loved one is considering it, so it is crucial that people feel fully supported, without judgement. I aim to reduce the stigma around suicide, which encourages people who are experiencing suicidal thoughts to talk about how they are feeling. This reduces the isolation felt by so many people who are experiencing these thoughts and allows the idea that a journey of recovery is within their reach.

Please do contact me either by phone, text or email to chat about how you are feeling.